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AuthorTopic: Dispel Barrier Spell
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I have successfully completed the quest for Kelnar in the Tower, and have dispatched the Demon in the upper room. Kelnar has given me the key, and I have gone into the room nearby to consult his magic book, only to be told it is "not decipherable". My Mage is level 11. It appears this is the only place I can acquire the Dispel Barrier spell, and that this is essential to complete the rest of the game. Any help will be appreciated.
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I thought you needed a Mage Spells level of 12 to cast Dispel Barrier.

(Oh, and it's possible to beat the game without it. You'll just miss out on some treasures here and there.)

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Thanks for the feedback. I will work on getting to level 12 and try again.
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No go. I bumped Mage to level 12 in mage skills, and still get the message that the book is unreadable. Any other ideas?
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You need a combined arcane lore total of 5 from all your party by adding up the individual arcane lore numbers. This is the only thing that should keep you from learning the spell.
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You might be looking at the wrong book, actually (it happens a lot). Check all the books around and above Kelner's location.

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Bingo! I did find a third location for a book, and this was the right one. By the way, I did manage to get it with Mage at 11 and only 4 total arcane lore points. Thanks to each of you for your help.
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You know, in the Exiles, you could use Dispel barrier to smash open some of the doors (more expensive, but seemed to be more reliable than Unlock) Can that be done in the Avernum series?

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Nope. You have to open doors either by bashing them, picking the lock, or casting unlock. No other way will do.

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Wrong older brother, wrong.

I remember using a piercing crystal to remove some barriers, and it unlocked the doors next to them.

I have tried it on other doors, and it works.

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