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AuthorTopic: Cheats
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I currently have two files on Avernum 4. One where i played with cheats, one where I didnt. Im wondering wether most people play with cheats or not, because it seems a bit too easy with cheats

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I really only use the healing and recharging cheats when I don't want to go back to town and restore myself. Basically to make the game more fun for me.

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I only used cheats three times. Once in Exile 2 when my saved file had a glitch where I was trapped through no fault of my own. In Blades of Exile I accidently rolled past the money cap into negative money and didn't want to collect enough to give me positive cash flow. The last was in Avernum 2 where it was my fault and i didn't want to start over so I recharged my spell energy and went out to redo the dungeon properly.

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I did for Geneforge X, but haven't for Avernum 4 so far. I don't know why (although not knowing the codes may help). I haven't even tried. Divine Restoration heals me enough so I don't have to go back to town, and I'm getting very good at reserving spell points.

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The only cheat I use on a regular basis is "backtostart" when I'm too far from a town or pylon to walk. I have used healing cheats from time to time, but I would rather not if possible.
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I never use cheats. But I do a lot of reload!
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I usually try not to cheat. I tend to cheat only when a BoE scenario is very hard and I want to see the ending.

Pheadran Altar casts:

The Lurker is dumbfounded.
The Lurker drinks a Potion of Clarity and casts Antimagic Cloud, then attacks.

After a few rounds, the altar casts tsunami again.
*scene repeats itself until The Lurker runs out of potions*
The Lurker casts:
Scry Monster
The Lurker notices that the pheadran altar has 1500HP.
The Lurker faints.
The Lurker wakes up, is annoyed, and cheats.
The Lurker still keeps getting 69ned.
The Lurker sobs, then enters debug mode.

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Originally written by The Lurker:

The Lurker still keeps getting 69ned.
I certainly hope that you mean "86ed".

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I've only used the cheats in Geneforge 2 to play through as many endings as possible as fast as possible.

Dikiyoba also used the character editor in A2 after the six or seventh time through so Dikiyoba could concentrate entirely on Dikiyoba's character's personalities instead of their stats.
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Originally written by Thuryl:

Originally written by The Lurker:

The Lurker still keeps getting 69ned.
I certainly hope that you mean "86ed".

Well, since Echoes is by Terror's Martyr... The '69ned' thing was more or less an Unbalanced Accounts reference.
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