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First, where is the third test. The shade/ghost/undeadthingy at the second test said NW of Cotra. I've looked NW of Cotra and found nothing. Then I looked N, E, W, S (had to swim for that one), SE, SSW, NE, and in all the caverns and caves underneath the previous mentioned directions. I have still yet to find this third test.

Second, does Fast on Feet impart any benefit other then a single additional move point from time to time? In Avenum 1,2,3,and blades, that additional move point was very useful, since it gave you a 25% speed bonus and an additional attack (when not moving). In Avernum 4 however, since you already move 8 and you can't attack twice unless you have 10 movement, I fail to see the benefit of the ability. Am I overlooking something?

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No. Well, yes; Fast on Feet does give you a 10% bonus to dodge (which does not go up with your level).

Fast on Feet is useful if you are really desperate to get to 20 AP. You can get +3 from items, +2 from Quick Strike, to get to 13. With the +1 Fast on Feet gives, you will sometimes have 14 AP, and when hasted that gives you 21.

However, there's really no situation when all the effort (particularly the massive number of skill points going into Quick Strike) would be at all worthwhile.

If you are simply going for the best advantages, you're better off with others.

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Ah, so there are multiple ways to build up APs. Fast on Feet makes a little more sense now, but I have to agree with you, it doesn't seem to be worth the effort to dedicate so much to it.

Thanks for the explanation.
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That may be a lot of skill points but I can image liking move, attack, attack, attack, attack.

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Well not only does it help if you start the round a few spaces from you opponnent, but it makes it more likely you will have the ap needed to attack twice (or 3 times if hasted) if you have a few points in quick strike.

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The third test is in the chitrach tunnels. The quickest way to get to it is to start at Fort Dranlon and enter the tunnels from the building to the east. Go north and make a left at the top of the map section. Follow the path until it splits in 6 directions, the one you are on is southwest. West leads to aranea, southeast leads to another map section, east and northeast lead to cavewindow spiders, so norhwest leads to the test. Have fun.

The best I've gotten with 3 plus action point items and quickstrike is 11 and then 16 or 18 when hasted. I used the Cryos spear, Mercuric chainmail, and Quicksilver sandals. It helps for a spellcaster to use at least 2 of these items to have a base action points of 10 and then 15 hasted.
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Um...if I am in the right place, based on your instructions....the northwest passage leads to a locked door...I cannot open it. I do see something is behind it, I go upside, and do not see another way down on that, where is the test?

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And while I'd like attack, attack, attack, attack, I would also consider having points in quick action. Think of it: Attack attack, attack attack, attack attack, attack attack. :D

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