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AuthorTopic: a map
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This is what happens when you paste together all the automaps on the "ground level" and then shrink 50% (axial shrinkage, that is - it's 25% of the original area) http://www.silverchat.com/Avernum/avernum_4_map.jpg
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Ooh, neat.

I mean, I'm not sure I personally have any particular use for it, but it's still pretty damn cool.

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Now I truly see the value of town/outdoor separation. According to this map, the distance between the major cities Dharmon and Blosk is about half the width of Blosk.

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It's good to see more maps from Silver, although A4 doesn't exactly require detailed annotation for secrets.

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It's good to see that the title still rings true.

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You can not have too many maps! Thank you! :D
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It gives the best idea of how huge Avernum really is compared to my tiny little scenario. :rolleyes:
Well done.

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Nicer than the sections in the hint book.

It gives a better perspective about how claustrophobic the world has gotten.
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The castle is so large. Only 7 castle lengths across the Eastern gallery. No wonder Avernum has monster problems. Spending priorities?

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I like! Now all the underground and above ground levels are all that we need. Everything must be mapped. Perhaps not so much out of need, but because it's standard. Not that it wouldn't be useful, of course.

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Yeah I must agree, while the merging of indoors and outdoors was an interesting experiment, and I guess it's quite fun to play something different once in a while, I have gone back firmly to the indoor/outdoor split. Just feels so much more... epic :)
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I actually like the fusion of the indoors/outdoors. It adds to the realism and works very well with the idea of caves, where everything is going to be very close together due to space limitations.

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