Avernum 4 is out!

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AuthorTopic: Avernum 4 is out!
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Heh, forget the Avernum's "action-ready" PC picts, the Exile's PC picts were much better. The portrait/profile picts are good, but the gamescreen representations are boring. I want my black-clad swordmaster and caped warrior, my enchantress with her blood-red dress and staff, my slith wizard with his ball of blue fire...A4 has what, 8 human picts, 2 slith picts, and 2 nephil picts. Yeah yeah there is color variation, but all of them except the default are usually horrendous (er, so my enchantress can color her skin blue, purple, or green...yay...).

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Yes, Exile's PC's sure did look like they were up to the task. I still remember thinkign how cool Exile 1.0's PCs looked. They'd have no trouble dispatching their A4 counterparts I'd wager. Seriously, anyone who holds a weapon like they do has NO idea what they're doing. I can just imagine everyone snickering behind their backs now.
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A much, much, much greater problem, of course, is the removal of the bikini babe PC graphic.
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Exile had a ninja... Avernum had a cool looking ninja.

Avernum has...

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I replaced one of the slith portraits that I didn't like with one from A2 that I did.

Luckily for Dikiyoba, Dikiyoba liked both nephil graphics and the other slith graphic.
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Luckily for Dikiyoba, Dikiyoba liked both nephil graphics and the other slith graphic.
I liked them to. However, after playing four Avernum games, it'd be nice to get something different.

Anyway, I just put the demo on my machine (A loading screen. *SNIFF* Awww, Avernum's all grown up). I'm looking at the graphics for something to use in my scenario and I see something that makes me scream.

Avernum 4 has become the latest in a long series of games that have a beholder rip-off (Granted, it has nine eyestalks, so it just barely squeezes past the OGL). More signs JV is losing his originality.

PS: Does anyone know how to make the mouse move any faster? It's driving me crazy!

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Like some other people, I miss the blonde man and woman, but I like that new female graphic. I decided to buy the game afterall...I'm wondering if I'm not going to get the code until Monday (first business day) or if Jeff is working overtime since it's the first weekend :confused:
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Originally written by Dintiradan:

[QUOTE]PS: Does anyone know how to make the mouse move any faster? It's driving me crazy!
There's an option to adjust scrolling speed. As for mouse speed in general, there's the Windows Control Panel.
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I incresed my scroll speed in game but it's still irritatingly slow.
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I didn't care for Avernum1-3 ,but im addicted to the new one.Perhaps because I liked Geneforge and Exile?

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Yea, it really does reach out to geneforge fans, but it doesn't seem to appeal to the Avernum fans nearly as much.
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Well, even the sounds are more Geneforge than Avernum. It's most astonishing how completely Avernum has vanished from the game. What got me hooked years back, what made me curious and made me love the game - all gone.

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