Av4 Character Editor... will one ever be made

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AuthorTopic: Av4 Character Editor... will one ever be made
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I don't think that will make it progress any more quickly...

It wouldn't be too hard to make an editor like Hawk King's, but with more power; it would only take some time and effort. My Geneforge editor was based on script editing, too (which makes it nicely cross-platform), and allows you to do quite a bit of stuff to your characters. Hawk King's is the same idea, but simpler.

Basically, if you really want an editor, try to calm down and make one yourself. Look at Hawk King's editor and my GF1 editor (or some of the later ones which other people made) and try to do something similar yourself. It will take patience, but if you actually make something nice everyone will like you.

If you just want something small like a Girdle of Might, that's a really simple change. You can find item numbers in av4itemschars.txt in your Scripts folder; for example, that Girdle is item 164. From there it's a simple addition of a couple lines to a talknode, after the last dialog text in that node (assuming that node doesn't already have a code entry):

code = reward_give(164);
Please back up any scripts you edit before you change them, and possibly saved games too; if you screw something up, it would be too bad to completely lose all your progress.

Have fun!

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Originally written by Red_Sage:
I'm making one but unfortunately, it will only be for windows users (being as I'll be using Visual C++ .NET) and I dont think I have the stamina to allow for item editing. Itll just be stats, traits and money editing. Ive figured out most of the save format info with regards to characters.

"Header" stores the little image, time, date and all that. "Data" is where character info starts. Stuff like Level, for the first character, is stored at the 23968th byte, stats begin at the 24006th etc. I was bored last night.

p.s. i started because i didnt pay attention to the unlock door - tool use connection. Took care of that problem.

Glad to hear it. Good luck to you!
I could make a cross platform one using blitzmax but it would require knowing how the data is stored.

however i would also need to buy a mac as well :D
to compile it on and test it.

unless i could find someone with bmax, a mac and the time to compile it.

mm i could ask my brother who has a mac - but he lives ways a way from me - i might email him...

now i just need to now how the data is stored, if anyone is willing to share that info...

Edit: MADE A START- kinda

I got the name of the save file using readline
then skiped 33 bytes

and then got your location by using readline again.

But thats as much as i can do without know the rest of the file. i wouldnt know were to begin about finding the detials for the rest of the file.

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I finished the editor to a decent state but it requires .NET 2.0 framework since i wrote it in C#. You can get that from microsoft. I used Visual C# for GUI design purposes only, little else allows as smooth Rapid application development. The actual data itself requires little code. I will also post what i have decoded at the end of this post. I might come back to this later to add item support. Dunno.

IMAGE(http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/1646/scr23el.th.gif) IMAGE(http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/3698/scr15ib.th.gif) IMAGE(http://img96.imageshack.us/img96/3516/scr34te.th.gif)

Notice the -131% XP adjustment on my character, if you have more than 2 positive traits the XP adjustment starts to go down! I havent upload the exe file yet but will if anyone is interested.

Core code:
private int[] off_arr = new int []{24006,29158,34310,39462 }; //offsets for each character

fs.Seek(curr_off, SeekOrigin.Begin); //c_data, s_data etc are all of type byte or unsigned char for C++ people.
fs.Read(c_data, 0, 61);//stats
fs.Seek(19, SeekOrigin.Current);
fs.Read(s_data, 0, 79);//spells
fs.Seek(241, SeekOrigin.Current);
fs.Read(t_data, 0, 29);//traits

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would you consider making it open source so i can have a go at making a mac os version or a version that doesnt require framework 2 in blitzmax PLEASE :) .

Good work BTW.

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I hate to bump an old topic, but I am interested in trying out the editor you made, Red_Sage. If possible, could you mail it to drl136 [at] yahoo [dot] com?

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I'd Like a copy of this to. Email is Jedimasterfruitbat[at]gmail[.com]
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Same here, although I'm wondering why people are posting their e-mail adresses when somebody can send them e-mails without it.

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Can you use it on a Windows computer without having to download anything? If so, please send me a copy.
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I would mind a copy emailed to me if it isn't to much of a trouble, Thanks alot
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Please learn to read older posts before making comments like that.

The software needed to run the editor.

The editor itself.

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Okay, email me a copy and I'll host it, or get someone else to host it for you. That'll save everyone a lot of trouble.


EDIT: Nevermind. Infernal posted at the same time. Took me too long to type in what I was going to say.

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I hope that Micael posted at the same time as Infernal.

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Character editors give games replayability. I usually play through a game once as is, then go through again and mess around with stats, seeing just how crazy I can make things :)

So if there is one made for the possible A5, it might be an after-you-beat-the-game bonus (like Bungee's Oni had)
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I've downloaded the program needed to run the editor, but can't download the actual editor. Why? Because the download has expired, much like month old milk. Disgusting.

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Can someone who has the editor made by Red_Sage please re-host it?
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