What do u want to be in Geneforge 4?

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AuthorTopic: What do u want to be in Geneforge 4?
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View Points please, everybody

Nick, outsider are the people that are enemy to the shaper and any other things, u see them in geneforge 1

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Warrior Servile
Guard Servile
Battle Alpha
UNI- drakon
The old Stuff (Shaper, Guardians, Agent)

By the way, what is this Uni-Drakon you speak of?

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Despite your helpful manner, it is not possible to edit a poll after it has been posted.

Maybe a little more explanation could have gone into the selections ... I mean, I see three types of servile and a few obscure creations, some new to me, but Sholai isn't in there, so I have to assume that's covered by the "outsider" choice.

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Why you opened a pool and a topic on the same question? :P

Anyway, old stuff is OK.

Originally written by Inthrall:

By the way, what is this Uni-Drakon you speak of?
I think is the Ur-Drakon...

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And there I thought that Uni-Drakon is a well-educated Drakon who is studying at a Uni[versity]. Or it might be a fearsome Unicorn-Drakon hybrid, with a Drakon's body and a Unicorn's head. :)

PS Felix, there has been an over-saturation of polls lately, so for people to take your poll seriously, you have to at least use correct spelling and put serious thought into answer options. (e.g. Warrior Servile and Guard Servile are just better trained Servies; regular townsperson would die the moment he was attacked, etc.)

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I like agents and guardians next with a shaper being last of the old choices. I would really like to see what Jeff has planned for the game before making my choice for the first time through the game. Most of the poll's choices wouldn't last long enough to be any fun.

Geneforge is harder than Avernum, because unless you run a guardian or a shaper with lots of creations you can die too quickly. Even running a similar character through the same areas produces different results.
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