Struggle in Stinking Marsh

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AuthorTopic: Struggle in Stinking Marsh
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Our 10 y.o. son and we are playing Geneforge 2, stuck at Stinking Marsh. We tried as much as we can(with poor knowledge of rpg), but cannot beat the 3rd? 4th?(thought there are 5 shades to slay)one who is with armor, a giant one.

Shaper, level 13 with deadeye cloak, girdle of insight, iron breast plate, carnelian gloves...etc and can create Fyora, Thahd, Roamer, Artila, Clawbug and Cryoa at moment.

Basically...shield, protect and bless each time and using crystals though, won't affect any harm :(

What kind of protection and creatures would do the best? BTW - Not join anything yet.
Better off go somewhere else and come back with more protection?

Please help us!
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Those shades are famously tough. Everyone gets stuck on them. Come back when you can make Drayks or something equally impressive.

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I'd suggest you come back at lv. 25, if you have the registered version or you can tone down the difficulty.

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lvl 25? well... u can make it but the bigger the better. i would suggest lvl 30 or something like that. then u wouldnt die certanly ;)

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wow, starfire, u have a 10 y o son and u watch teentitans, thats amazn, dont u love the part where i use commas instead of periods, its fun, i like ppl that watch teentitans, i think thats hot :D

as for stinkin marsh u should get the editor, i dont kno where that is but its around somewhere,
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It is all about luck sometimes. I managed to defeat the 4th shade just in the demo with a shaper, and even as a guardian the second time around. But it was very, very difficult.

The treasure lying on the ground there is not all that great, but regardless, you can just pick up the loot and run if you can catch the shade on an off round. Killing the last of the shades will definitely require a high level, though.

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The strategy I used was to buy about 8 "Restore Essence" pods and constantly create fyoras to do the battle, and re-create them in between the deaths of the shades.

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I had not too much trouble with myself and my 2 cryoras during demo. It was even easier when I added a clawbug. Trick is knowing this:

1) the next shade will only pop up when YOU (not your creation) are close enough. If you kill one and back off, the next one won't appear. taht lets you sto back to drypeak or wherever to recharge.

2) speed spores (my favorite thing in the game) give everyone double attacks.

3) war blessing allows everyone to hit more often.

Tactic: get your guys REALLY close to the 'shade rising' line (Practice this early on with the easy guys ;) Then switch into fight mode, pop a speed spore, send the melee creatiion (if you have one handy) next to where the shades pop up and set the ranged creations at the very edge of the hit range. cast war blessing, and shield if you have it. You can kill almost all the shades in 1 turn. the last ones are tricky and you may have to recharge a couple of times.

that level 25 stuff is bunk, though--I'm walking through much tougher stuff than that now.
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Learn Battle Roar from the teacher (name forgotten) in the Magus Complex core north of Medab it heals, cures, blesses, and speeds

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Actually got through that part just today when replaying as a solo Guardian at around lvl 23 or so (at level 28, I'll finally have enough spell energy to cast Speed once! Woohoo!). Even with 10 levels of Parry, it's no picnic :) Darn those shades and their AP-sapping attacks :P

Go back when you're in the level low-20s...with all those creations, it should be a breeze as long as you get the heck away from the shade once it pops up.

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I'm stubborn and just used the dbugkill :P

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hehe, I used dbugkill on the final spirit, it just wouldn't die. I was a high levle too.
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It seems hardest with a guardian. If you're a guardian or agent with a shaped blade, you should be able to do enough damage to kill the vast majority of them in a single hit. If you are sped up, you'll get two swings per turn.

A Rod of Battle or a blessing pod will both provide a higher to-hit addition than will War Blessing when cast by a guardian without many points in blessing magic. Similarly, speed pods/spores or a rod of alactrity will be better than guardian-cast speed.

I always save up living tools to get both the shaped plate (awakened) and shield (obeyers) if I don't join one or both. Together with a decent ring your anti-stun will be very high. And of course I think the crystalline plate is even better.

If you are an agent, a vlish will stun the shade assuming it can hit it. If you're willing to burn 2 or 3 essence pods you can make a pretty nice vlish. Cryoas won't stun but you can get them so early and level them up, they'll almost always hit.

Whether agent, guardian, or shaper, augmentation (for you and your creations) significantly increases chance of survival.

The problem with waiting until level 30 or whatnot is that the dropped stuff is pointless by then and you'll hardly even need the cash.

Admittedly it sometimes takes me two tries. But it sure as heck shouldn't require level 30--by that time you're killing drakons and gazers, not shades.
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like i always say, if you cant do it with clawbugs, do it with battle alphas. you can level up on battle alphas fairly early in the game (while youre still in the 'awakened part')
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