what's your fave. creature?

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AuthorTopic: what's your fave. creature?
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hi. What are all your options about the different creatures. (soory if this was asked already). I like the fyoras the most, even if they can be a little lacking at first. My least favorite is the artilia, since mine where always getting killed because they didn't have enough HP. Personally I think i'd be really cool if there where some way to use your own design in place of a creature. Like a bunny. Ya... An acid spiting bunny...

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EyeBeasts.They are the Deadliest things in the game!

2 Eyebeasts=Instant death to most baddies

3 Eyebeasts=Good

4 Eyebeasts=Better still

5 Eyebeasts=Yikes!how'd ya get this many?!?!

6 Eyebeasts=You must have a LOT of essence!!!!

7 Eyebeasts=Good luck for you in more ways than one :D :D

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Other than gazers/eyebeasts, which I haven't yet found any cannisters/trainers for, probably rotgroths. Two of them can be pretty useful when hasted.
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I stand by the Ur-Glaahk.


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Best 1st creature is the Fyora/Cyroa.
Damage equal to a Thahd's at range, more HP than an Artilla. At this point in the game, fighting at a distance is incredibly useful.

Best 2nd creature is the Clawbug/Plated bug.
High armor, speed enough to hunt down any ranged combatant, and enough for a *second attack* in melee.

Best 3rd creature is the Drayk/Cyrodrayk.
It has a powerful ranged attack, equal to its melee attack. The Glahk's submission touch is nice, but so many enemies towards the end of the game either won't care, will smash the Glahk whenever their reinforcements/they get a move, and then there's ranged combatants.

Best 4th creature is the Rothgroth/Gazer.
I don't like Drakons beyond their looks. Their attacks are rather weak outside of melee, which is the explicit purpose of fire creations (!), and their stats are measly outside of HP. Eyebeasts are nice, but Rothgroths have more HP, two (!) attacks with quick action, and do enough damage to match Glahks' submissions worth in stun.

Gazers are walking Aura of Flames casters. Awesomeness.

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There is one canister of create gazer, I'm pretty sure it's on the Isle of Spears.

1. First is the Cryodrayk followd by the Drayk. They're strong in both attack and defense, but I don't get a Drayk until I loot the canister form the Inner Keep. I also like that they are forbidden power.

2. Cryoa followed by Fyora are great for early in the game. I don't really like Thahds because the get beat up by Fyoras who shoot and run.

3. As far as power goes Gazer and Rothgroth are really nice. By the time I get them I am to close to the end of the game to have much use for them. Drakons are nice. I like that they look big and menacing, but they don't seem to be worth their cost of essence.
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I havent gotten the game, I dont even have the full game, but id like to contribute what I have to say.
If you get a fyora and keep it alive long enough for it to get some good levels, then those 11 EP are worth a lot. Cryoas rock, but roamers and artilas never seem to work well. I dont use battle creations very often, but I otften find that the plated bugs (Not Clawbugs) do fairly well. I also Like to use Vlish. Mostly for stunning.(Run out of energy all the time though) In conclusion, id say that for the early game, the best are Cryoas, Vlish, And Plated Bugs.

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TM is absolutely right (status quo)

I didn't care for Eyebeasts. Way too expensive (250 base cost) If you focus on powering your Shaper as much as possible and get tons of Essence. . . Okay. Say you do that. But, Eyebeasts burn their Energy way, way too fast.

I tried a bunch of combos when I was doing the Monastery Caves (which I should have done last, the Geneforge section was way too easy and a bit anti-climatic, and I did that last), and the one I liked the most was Rothgroth/Gazers. I sometimes went in with 2R/1G or 2G/1R (my shaper was a wuzz and had like 600 essence only, because I put a lot of points elsewhere), depending on which of the sections I was covering. I tried Drakons, and I liked them a lot (their acid spray attack did as much as 150 points to the Stambling Rothgroth) but Gazers attacked more, and without directional inconveniences.

In the middle or so of the game, my fave combo was 1 Drayk and 1 Ur-Glaahk. I could do Cryodrayks late and then I had 1D, 1C and 1U-G. That worked all right for me.

During the Early-Middle section, Clawbugs and Plate Bugs, absolutely. They do good damage, and they get that 10 action points for free which is pretty cool.

I hate Artilas. I always make an honest attempt to use them, but nah. Ditto for Vlish (worse enemies than friends)

I want to create Serviles in GF4. Please. After fighting so many here, I want them in my army. Specially to help me carry stuff.



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On the first Island, I liked my trusty fyoras the best. Since I has Alwan, there was no need for me to create any thahd.

On the second Island, I immeadiately went for the Vlish. They are actually okay at melee now, So for only 15 base essence, I found them a bargain. I never was impressed with roamers much, clawbugs are good, but they cost more for about the same power as vlish.

I never liked the upgraded versions of the creations. (thahd shade, cryora, plated bug,terror vlish) becasue they cost so d%&$ MUCH! I understand that having a few strong creations is better than having lots of weak ones because of the experience penalty (more to divy it up between), but what's the use of having a creation that uses up twice as much essence when its only about 50-60% stronger?

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i like dryaks


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i like the vlish the best. ive had the vlish since the first or second island and im at the end of the game and i tried saving it then getting a different creation like a gazer or drakon and my vlish is still twice as strong as what ever i create
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I am definatateley a magic creation feiend
I love Artillas(well searing artillas) gaahks and eyebeasts. By the time i will get one pt in eyebeast i will be able to make a lvl 18 creation that does 200 dmg per hit(WOOT) ohhh i love em.
IMO battle seem to suck in this game and fire just arnt as good as in G2/G1. magic is the way to o

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i like cyora

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