I desperatly need a new 4-5 digit cd key

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AuthorTopic: I desperatly need a new 4-5 digit cd key
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I desperatly need a new 4-5 digit cd key so i can play the game. I had one but I lost it. Can somebody help me? please?

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If you e-mail Jeff Vogel and tell him you lost the key (and if he finds your purchase records, I suspect), he can help you (His e-mail address is at the spiderwebsoftware.com site).

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By the way, if you don't actually need to create a poll (which, in this case, you didn't), please start your topic using the "New Topic" button instead of the "New Poll" button.

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Yes, and please don't start contacting every member who you think might give you his/her key..... like you did to me.

Besides, since GF3 uses more than one key which is related to the number of your game (which you would probably "remember" if you thought about it) it does no good to ask for a key without supplying your number. Oh, it probably also helps if you say whether you're playing the mac or windows version.

Besides, if you had entered your key once, the game would still have it, so what happened?
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Quoting mok.. "so what happened?"

:rolleyes: Any number of things can happen. First my HD burned and I lost EVERYTHING! Then my ATI card crashed. Lost everything again! :mad: Both times I had not done the back up of the .dat file, so I had to d/l the game again and again.

But Spiderweb is very good about replacing the codes and very cheerful. I called them and they were very nice. This time, first thing I did was the backup of the .dat file. :P
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Yes, and for the most part I would understand these things. But when a member I've never heard of or seen a posting from contacts me for a code... well, I feel like I paid for the game, you should too. If it had been a posting (and email) from a member who (based on posting, etc.) has clearly finished the game or had it for awhile and obviously had the code, I'd be much less suspicious.
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If what you have is the original CD, fyorna, you might contact spiderweb, explain the situation, and ask that they registrate you instead of your brother's friend, and send you a new key. They don't have to do this; they just might help you out, if they can verify what you tell them. If what you have is pirated software, well, bad luck for you.

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Originally written by ef:

If what you have is pirated software, well, bad luck for you.
Then, if he have a little brains, he will just find keygen for it. If he have some more brains he will write keygen.
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Don't use keygens. The sites that have keygens are full of porn and many keygens contain viruses and exploits that can cause harm to your PC. Spiderweb will help you get a new key granted they can find your purchase record. Jeff helped me last year when I had to reinstall BoA on my new PC. He even answered my email within the same day. (~4 hours actually).

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