How many times have you played GF3

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AuthorTopic: How many times have you played GF3
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Just wondering how many times people have completed the game (if even once). I'm working on my fourth, but am quickly getting bored now...

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Always on torment:
1. Rebel - Agent
2. Loyalist - Shaper
3. Rebel, but used all opportunities to gain more power - Agent
4. Loyalist - Guardian, it was the first time I've played through a GF game as a Guardian.
5. I was testing a cheat script that changed various things in different places, so I had to play all the way through to make sure I didn't miss anything.

I've played a couple times using the challenges people have posted, but I didn't play all the way through.
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Your poll is missing an important category: "less than 1 time" (for those who got bored in the middle).

I marked "1 time", but I haven't actually finished the game. I'll probabaly finish it later, but at the moment my answer is "0.6 times".

For comparison, I've gone through Gf1 over 2 times and gone through Gf2 2 times with several branches in the middle to see multiple endings.

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1 - Loyalist Agent.
1 - Rebel Agent.

Half-way to finish my Rebel Guardian.
Half-way to finish my Loyalist Shaper.

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Twice as a loyalist (agent & guardian), 0.9 times as a rebel shaper. I, too, have gotten bored. Oh well, I'll try to struggle through the FAQ before the month is up.

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oops. I thought I had thought of every option. But thanks for participating anyways!
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I have played many times. After a while it gets very boring.
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Loyalist Shaper (No Cannisters)
Rebel Shaper (Cannisters)
Loyalist Agent (No Cannisters)

As you can see, I like the Shapers more than the Rebels. I currently have a Loyalist Guardian stuck in the middle of Harmony Island, but it's unlikely he'll finish.

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1.75, I have won the game 1 time, I have played the game half way through a second time, and I have tried to start several new games but I was bored to death by the utterly slow begining.

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Add me to the "didn't finish even once" list. I just got bored with the story. The enchanted anvil didn't do much for agents, that I could see. I'm hoping that Jeff changes a few things before making any more games. They're getting to be a maze of twisty passages, all alike.

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Originally written by Harlequin:

I have tried to start several new games but I was bored to death by the utterly slow begining.
I agree with you on the very slow beginning. I wish the game would have the option of skipping the tutorial section. Most everyone knew how all the buttons worked on the first try since they are so close to the same thing on the other GF games.
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First time through I did as a solo agent, played rebel until I got to Dhonal then switched to Loyalist.

I started playing it through a second time, this time as a shaper with both companions along for the ride, and remaining a rebel all the way through. However, I soon got EV Nova to work properly and Geneforge 3 went flying out the window.

3 isn't as fun as the first or second ones because it consisted more of sloughing through infested areas killing, killing, killing rogues. Which is fun for a few hours, but then it gets a bit monotonous. The first two had enough twists and turns in the plot to make things more interesting and worth repeating.
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