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AuthorTopic: Getting!
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Is Jeff really planning on making a GF4 or BoGF? I probably wouldn't mind or care for it, but I'd have to agree with a lot of the posts around here stating that Jeff should focus on making new games instead of sequels to them, unless the sequels are something fresh and innovative.

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GF3 is screaming for a sequel. GF4 is definite, and there will probably be more Geneforge games after that. But there will some radically different changes in GF4.

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As open-ended as GF3 is, it would definitely appear that a fourth was on the way. I agree that unless some drastic changes in story lines occur, to come up with a new RPG from scratch.
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If Drakey says there is a GF4, there will be. Plus, the ending of GF3 did make it enivitable. And hopefully, if any of this feedback gets back to the big JV himself, GF4 will be something special.

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