What's your fave way to play?

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AuthorTopic: What's your fave way to play?
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This is a poll about what style you like to play

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I usually play as a shaper, and a damn cheat.


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Originally written by Stugri-La:

I usually play as a shaper, and a damn cheat.
Me too :P
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None of the above means that I don't play with no pansy guardians or shapers.
Edit: Oh yeah, I cheat & script my way through the game.

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I normally play with shaper with a big investment in leadership and mechanics, and most of the rest of the points going to intelligence or getting enough shaping skill to make the best creations I've learned the ability for. I normally manage to keep around 3 of the best creations I have the abilities learned for.

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Shapers are boring. Agents and Guardians are great.

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I always use agents.:PIlike to use magic.When i use agents i dont have to cheat.I only have to cheat with shapers

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I'm the only one who chose choice 3 for agents :D

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I use same strategy as Walter on my first path through the game.

Too bad deadweight shapers are no longer viable, because you have to use blessing and protection spells to get through most battles. (In Gf 1, my shaper was just sitting back with his 2 APs, letting creations to the "talking" in most battles, and using blessing spores for a few tough battles.)

In Gf 3 I have to rely more on blessing magic spells my Shaper casts himself.

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I like the ability to create monsters, so I go with shapers to get the best creations I can. I don't use too much cheating, only the heal power if my shaper is too encumbered to help out. i hate the lack of ability to carry everything i want :(

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Agent with magic concentration was my favorite on GF1&2. On this, I was having more fun with the shaper, though I played him agent-style: created lots of ranged critters and backed them up with my own magic. Searing artillas and gazers can tear up a map.
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