favorite character type?

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AuthorTopic: favorite character type?
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Well they will leave you upon leaving an island if you've done certaint things that they don't like. You will only be able to keep alwan the whole game if loyal, and greta if a rebel. Other than the small exp penalty for having more creations and the limit on creation types and total creations there are no reasons why it is bad to have them with you until they leave on thier own though.

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Greta and Alwan are pretty helpful for early levels, and they are useful for later levels more or less. If you play as a Guardian or Shaper Greta's magic is a nice addition; Agents do very well going solo. Greta and Alwan are like having creations that require no essence and will always be reborn, so I find them to be worth the XP.
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They'll dump you at a certain time.
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I choose shaper cause the guardian is so hard to get stronger :mad: and agents can't shape :mad:
Shapers Rule :cool:

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That's not Greta at all.
And insulting her only result she refuse to give you a few potions.
Greta has not been in the school for months.
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My Agent can shape; she has a Drayk, and has finished at just as high a level as everyone else :cool:
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