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AuthorTopic: Geneforge Over And Over
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Everybody, who has even played any of the Geneforges, knows the basic idea, how the Shapers rule and the serviles are slaves, who go rogue and fight back and youre caught in the middle of it. Honestly speaking, this idea has been chewed up over and over agan making it really boring. Only the graphics and sounds, maybe even the map differ from the last one, but the idea is still the same. Each game has to be unique. Like the first Exile you made was unique, then you began to make a whole lot of Exiles, which were basically the same by the storyline and didnt have the punch anymore to offer any good gaming experience, since you would know how its gonna end. You need a NEW idea and a storyline! Let the next game you will make, for an example be - by the view of a servant, who has to follow his masters, but his masters get killed and you go rogue and venture off into wildness to live through unbelievable adventures.
Or maybe make a game, where magic and technology co-exist, like in the game "Arcanum: Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura" (those of you who have played it, know what im speaking of). There are many, many ideas how to bring life into your games, invent another storyline, or something else. You really should consider making a new game with a whole another viewing aspect.

Btw If you need a good storywriter, you can mail me :)

Edit: And btw, the type of the game Geneforge marked in the Our Games page is NOT 3D, the background is totally 2D, you cant spin your view, which is one great minus. Only the living creatures can turn their backs on you. If you need an example, then C&C Renegade is 3D, by my experience, Geneforge is definetly not.

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If you're expecting Jeff Vogel or anyone else who actually works for Spiderweb Software to read this, you're going to be disappointed.

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Email it to jeff.

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But he'll still probably ignore you
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...Yet the next game will be played out of a "servants" perspective, and not a Shaper...So..

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Not neccisarily. Could be a Shaloi.

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Its so nice to see that youre all so friendly.
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I kind of see where you are coming from here. But you must realise how difficult it is to develop a general storyline/premise for a game.

There is a definite point of balance one must reach between adding new content and brining a sense of continuity to a game.

In Geneforge 3, I would have liked the ending to be more original. The game kind of built itself upwith respect to plot suspense, but by the Isle of Spears, it just dropped off. Though it does make sense that they would construct a geneforge in a remote place, they don't seem to be doing anything novel with it. This game seems more like a transition story, necessarily bridging the gap between GF2 and GF4, but not in itself all that significant (storywise), except for the new interface, quick use spells/items, graphics, and the more challenging scripting (ie, on Dhonal's Isle, playing loyally, taking out the rogues in multiple areas with soldiers), etc.

I don't think the other forum users are snubbing you, but perhaps they are just a bit jaded.

They must have forgotten where to catch the really tasty flies. :D

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Yes, this was discussed quite a bit when GF3 released originally.

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Alright, i get your point :P
I must admit nothing is easy, and what the hell did you mean by "I kind of see where you are coming from here."?! Do you think that Estonia is some kind of remote country by the size of your palm?! Well... mostly it is... lol :P , but you know that tiny needles stab you better than big ones :D (well the work that needs to be done to stab someone with different sized weapons is different as we all know from basic physics).

But anyways, i guess ur right :)
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Originally written by Zamovar:

what the hell did you mean by "I kind of see where you are coming from here."?!
This is a standard expression in English. It means, "I understand your point of view."

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Oh, right... lol :P
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