Where are the creations that will join you?

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AuthorTopic: Where are the creations that will join you?
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In the Geneforge series there are creations standing around that you can take with you for a while.

Does anyone know where can I find them and how long they will stay with me?
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Which game would you like to know about?

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Well I don't think in GF1 there was any you could recruit. However, In GF2 there was a huge roamer and a rat in one of the marshy areas, and a battle alpha somewhere that I can't recall (maybe more?)In GF3 you can take Alwan and Greta right outside of the school. And in GF4 there is Greenfang in Southforge Citadel and Shotwell in the Shaper Camp. There may be more, however those are the main ones that I remember.

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I am looking for information from all of the Geneforge games. I don't think anyone has made a list yet.
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In G1 there are none. In G2 there are tons. In G3 there are Alwan and Greta, Shaper and rebel, respectively. In G4, there's the rebel soldiers in Aziraph, and you can take Shotwell with you if you're a Shaper in Burwood.

That help?

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Ah. Well, G1 has none.

G2 has an abandoned thahd in The Crags (beginning of the game only), a friendly rat around Fort Muck, a huge roamer in the bandit's warren in the marsh, a servile caster in the Magus Complex (Awakened only), a vlish near a bridge in Rising lands somewhere, a battle alpha in Phariton's Hall, and a servile warrior in The Misfits (pro-servile but not allied with the Takers only).

Dikiyoba thinks Dikiyoba has them all, though there may be one or two more in that game.
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I used most of them. Out of all of creations in GF2 there was one that I really liked since he was fairly strong. I can't remember whom though. I do remember there was a servile (the Taker one I think) who annoyed the hell out of me because he wouldn't go to a couple of towns.
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In GF2 the Pit of Misfits worker Heust Blade was a good fighter alright. I found that all the creations could not be controlled in combat, which totally outweighed the fact that they didn't cost any essence. They were just more trouble than they were worth, especially in tricky fights. I simply used two creations (Drakons towards the end) and a Shaper.

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