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I would like to see Jeff (or whemever is in charge of this series)to devise a VERY devious way the player could get all the factions to make at least a rag-tag peace and play nice. Not an easy route - more like an entire puzzle within the story and heavy on the diplomacy. I don't particularly think it belongs in Geneforge 4, and I certainly don't advocate it as the main goal of the game unless a player delibertely sets out to do just that.

Or... has it been in all the games all along and I've been just to dense to see it?


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That's pretty much how things start in the first two Geneforge games. Then you come along and mess everything up.

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In the first 2 games all the sects are trying to destroy each other. They don't have the strength to do so without leaving themselves open for the sect that they are not attacking from stabbing them in the back. So they spy on each other, kill the other spies, and try to recruit you to tip the balance in their favor.
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I think there should be a special victory for someone who kills everyone. There was sort of one in Geneforge 2 (Since all the factions were treasonous), in which you killed Zakary and Barzahl as punishment for abuse of Shaping, and you killed the rogues cause they're independent. So for Genforge 4 there should be an ending you can only get if you kill everything that moves.

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Also a indifferent ending would be nice, like in G2. After the meeting of Zakary and Barzahl immediately come back and report. It was very amusing.

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Peace is no fun. Better to just kill everything that isnt already dead, as was already stated. :)

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It took some getting used to, but part of the charm of the first 3 games - especially the third - is the way there isn't a faction you can get all the way behind, or an ending that is really emotionally satisfying. I mean, the guys who believe in liberty want to get there by converting you into a glowy-blue sociopath, or doing some of what they rebel against, or both...and in time they're resolved into a subset of "the" rebellion, or unwilling Shapers.

It's a little like real politics; the major parties are coalitions, and the faction of people-who-really-think-like-you-on-all-the-major-issues isn't going to get control, so that whoever you support is something of a compromise.

Of course, it would be kind of nice if the very, very, honest-to-Fate last Geneforge game would let you make a better world at the end, just for the novelty and for the sweet taste. But I won't bank on it.

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Don't get your hopes up about Geneforge 4. I didn't like any of the endings that I saw. It sets up Geneforge 5 - The Quagmire

I will say the Shapers are a little, very little, bit more reasonable than GF3. The Rebels are more reasonable since they've had some victories.

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