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AuthorTopic: I need advice
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GF1 has a lot of crypts that teach shaping.

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How many people have beaten torment with no canisters in G1?

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Originally written by Enraged Slith:

My Guardian is a strict no-canister man, but needs a few meat shields to cross the mines at the Hill of Jars.

The Hill of Jars has most mines deactivated by finding the rooms with controls that release spores. There is one mine that always goes off near the servant mind that you can sidestep.

For the turrents (sentinel plants), a range attack works best preferably on speed so you can retreat if it fails. It's a waste of crystals, but they will usually do the trick. After you talk to the servant mind the rest are deactivated.
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You can find spore boxes to switch the turrets from hostile to neutral as well.

If you can take out a neutral turret (or pylon, later in the game) in one round, then the others usually don't go hostile.

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