who's da best?

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AuthorTopic: who's da best?
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I was wondering what people's various opinions were upon who was the best character for each situation (in general I know that they differ by how a person plays). Also I am sorry about no extra options for G2 as I have not played it (I have only played G1 and G3 I don't know why). Also, I would like to make sure that their opinion is regarding torment level.

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Since I play only as Guardian...

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It depends upon the player. Although since parry is busted in GF2, the guardian can walk through it.
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I always use a Shaper, use the canisters most of the time too. It works for me, I just expand upon the battle magic, leadership, mechanics, and intelligence a bit.

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If you wanted only people who play on torment to vote, you should have given the option to view results without voting. I voted for guardian in G2, because of overpowered Parry skill, and Shaper for the rest of them, just because I like to play Shapers and DV's Vlish Master build seem pretty good for Torment.

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Since I play only as Guardian...

me too.

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This question is by nature unanswerable, as the different classes are better for different parts of the game.

Though I prefer Agents.


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