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I just finished the first island with a guardian at leadership and mechanics 10. The advantage of high leadership (it costs less for a guardian) is that when you have a conversation option that involves leadership instead of attacking you get more experience.

Guarded bridge - thahds gives 200 XP versus about 80
Fort Kentia - artila gives 30 XP versus 12
Lair of the Creator gives 200 XP versus 57 (?)

The disadvantages are that you loses the treasure rewards: thahd shirt, empathy blade, girdle of dexterity, and chances for platinum ring. Also in order to get this I had to not get dexterity and I had lower intelligence.
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In the long run, it's a disadvantage to have high Leadership. There are a ton of items that provide leadership boosts (Infiltrator vest, cloak, charm, and ring, and shining shield, for a total of +6). There's also the Charisma spell, which with spell skill boosting items even a Guardian can access without much trouble.

There are almost no spots in the game where having more than 8 leadership is helpful. Beyond 10 leadership, you don't get anything terribly useful -- you can just skip quests, and really, who wants to skip quests? There are about 3 places where 13 leadership makes a difference and there is exactly one where 15 leadership makes a difference -- with Litalia.

So boosting leadership much beyond 6 or 8, while it may be useful in the short term, is pretty much throwing away skill points in the long term. The experience you get for it early on is pretty much meaningless in the long run.

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Originally written by Slarty:

...and there is exactly one where 15 leadership makes a difference -- with Litalia.


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I believe it is that near the end if you are a loyalist, that you can convince her to let you by (of course there is a glitch in the game that often renders this useless).

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My Agent has 15 Leadership without the items.
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Personally, I enjoy trying to get through with high leadership and mechanics as a shaper. I do make some critters to protect me like Cryoas and Thahd Shades when fighting is necessary.

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