Am I going crazy?

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AuthorTopic: Am I going crazy?
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I installed GF 2 so that I could use one of its endgame pictures as my desktop wallpaper. From memory, it was a picture of a drayk getting whooped by three Shapers at once (who are focus firing on him). It is similar to the end-game picture in GF 3, where your agent and two shapers are focus firing on a drayk, but it is far better drawn.

However, upon installing, I can't find the picture! Does anyone here know what I am talking about? Or did I dream this piccy up?

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cant find it.

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You're already crazy. Remember the fluffy turtles? Handing over your sanity? That said, I can't find it.

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Dikiyoba can't find it in either G2 or G1.
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Its a Gf3 picture...
I think what *might* have happened is that somehow the picture got into the Gf2 files and replaced one of the other graphic files...
Well, anyway, just use the one from Gf3, or one of the other Gf2 pictures, or whatever...

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Why you don't take a screen picure?

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