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What is your favourite Class(Shaper, Guardian, Agent), and your favourite Geneforge game(excluding G4, not out yet.)

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... Seems like you put some checkboxes where you didn't mean to?

Everyone loves Fyora.

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It worked in favor of the poll, actually. Since Dikiyoba hasn't played G3, Dikiyoba doesn't have a favorite side and so can't answer the question. So Dikiyoba just checked them both.
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Is true, Fyora rules!

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Fyora's are good, and I do always keep one (called Toby) around. But Cryoadrayks, and thus Drayks, rock.

GF1 is the best game, 'cus it was new and spangly.

And Shapers are my favourite class. Good at magic and shaping, with high leadership and mechanics.

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Originally written by Nikki xx:

(called Toby)
Toby!? Why not Filbert?

Oh, yeah, almost forgot the real purpose of this post.

I like Fyora's most, as I like dragonkind but didn't go past the demo version, and therefore can't tell about most other sorts of creatures, and I liked none of the GF series. However, for this poll I made an exception and voted for GF 1.

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