Splitting one PC from the party

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AuthorTopic: Splitting one PC from the party
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I have a solution: set_mobility.

Just have some sort of chamber off to the side of the dungeon, and use the set_mobility call to paralyze the desired party member. Then have the party enter combat, and do whatever has to be done. The paralyzed member can still shoot, cast spells, etc., but would be unable to follow after the party, essentially separating him entirely. Then, when the stuff is over, simply use the relocate_character call to move the character back over to the party.

I got this idea because I'm working on something slightly related for Veritas.

I tried to think of something witty to put here.

Needless to say, I failed.
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And there comes back the problem I wanted to avoid: i want the party to be out of combat mode, as I'm sure it will irritate most players that they won't be able to move in normal mode. I didn't test the kill thing yet, but I already coded it, and it will stay there unless it doesn't work proparly.

It seems like a very interesting thing, though, to use in a puzzle. I will keep it in mind.

So even though I won't use it for what you suggested it, I'm sure I will find an other use for it.

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That idea isn't really any different than webbing/paralyzing the character, except that the player would have to make that character wait every turn.

Just kill the sucker and be done with it. :D

Guaranteed to blow your mind.

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