Why did the Avernites not teleport outoff Avernum?

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AuthorTopic: Why did the Avernites not teleport outoff Avernum?
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As I recall it. In Avernum 1 you were teleported to the surface to assasinate and kill the emporer. So here is my question. Why did the Avernites not teleport to the surface afterwards?

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Because the Empire still ruled the surface. If they teleported up, they'd simply be hunted down and killed.

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Good point. But they could always have tried to find a remote location.

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It seems to take a great deal of effort to teleport such a long distance. Ittook 6 brooches just to teleport the four adventurers, so it seems doubtful that the Avernites have the means to teleport a whole nation to the surface.

And, as Nioca pointed out, once they're there they'd just be hunted down again. The fact that the Empire went to the trouble of creating the portal to exile people down to Avernum suggests that there wasn't any suitable place to stick them on the surface, so the 'remote location' you speak of probably doesn't exist.

And the number one reason why the Avernites don't teleport to the surface: Because then we wouldn't have a game!


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If I remember the storyline correctly, a good number of Avernites left the caves after A3, since it was now safe to return to the surface.

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Five brooches.

And about half the population of Exile went aboveground, according to A4.

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It only took four brooches to teleport up. Teleporting well takes all five.

—Alorael, who suspects that teleporting at all is prohibitively difficult and that establishing a permanent portal is even harder. And it's quite possible that the Empire has some way of watching for teleportation to the surface. Fort Emergence requires the creation of the Portal Fort with its teleporter to just below the surface, but actual access to sunlight is a good old hole in the ground. Or ceiling, depending on perspective.
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As far as the "hunted down" part goes, Avernum almost lost the war even with the Avernites united and the difficulty the Empire had teleporting supplies and soldiers down and the inexperience the Empire had in fighting in caves. If half the Avernites went above ground and the other half stayed, both groups would have been crushed. If all the Avernites had gone above ground, then the Empire had plenty of experience fighting on the surface and would have had less difficulty with supplies and soldiers (even if it was in a remote location) and so they still would have been defeated.

But the difficulty of teleporting is probably the bigger factor.


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