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AuthorTopic: A2 Singleton - Help
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Right, I've been quite happily going through Avernum 2 with a single character (Primarily investing in INT, MAG, PRI and LUCK).

I've been finding it quite a lot harder than Avernum 3 or most Blades scenarios, but I'm having two major problems that I cannot come up with a way to deal with.

1) Missile attacks

I’m not sure what the deal is here, but empire archers seem to hit me really, really hard. I can cut through the melee troupes easily enough, and mages are no problem as long as there aren’t big groups of them (anyway, the casters are always hard to deal with for a singleton), but whenever I come to a crowd of archers, unless I can buff and then fell them all with a couple of quick lightning sprays then I find myself having to reload a lot.
The same is proving true for those accursed giants, and I don’t even want to think about going back into the (I can’t spell the name so I’ll say crazy alien things) land and having to deal with experience razor disk throwers.
Defense only seems to help against melee damage; hardiness seems abnormally expensive, so I’m finding myself incredibly reliant upon luck, which doesn’t strike me as being a very good long term strategy.
Any ideas?

2) Eyebeasts.

This is the big problem for me, archers I just need to reload every now and then, eye beasts I physically cannot get past most of the time.
The foul and even pink blobs just paralyze me, and then demolish my entire HP before I have a chance to respond. I can just about get past one if I buff first, and call a couple of daemons out of my soul crystal, but if they come in a group, or catch me by surprise (all those nasty wandering groups near Costa) then I'm dead, no questions asked.

The fact that there immune to lightning spray doesn't help matters, since that’s probably going to be my staple attack for quite a while (I'm close to the level for fire blast, but haven’t come across a teacher yet).

Is there a charm or piece of equipment anywhere that will protect me from paralysis, and if not then is there any other feasible play or build strategy you can recommend for getting rid of the buggers?
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Well, I've never actually played a singleton game, so take this advice with a grain of salt.

1. Get Divine Fire or Fireblast, and until you can get them, stay away from Empire Archers. It's pretty easy to do that given the number of areas one can access away from the front of the war. Either spell is much more effective than Lightning Spray, and Divine Fire is only one SP more.

2. There is an item called a Freedom Charm, but I can't remember where one is. Unfortunately, it's probably deep in some difficult dungeon, so you'll have to tread lightly when searching for it.

But if you can get your Magery skill up high enough and have Bolt of Fire level three, that should be enough to fry an Eyebeast in one hit, though of course that depends on your difficulty level.

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I haven't played A2 as a singleton, but Empire Archers have extremely high hit ability. From my A3 singleton experience, I found that high dexterity and defense helps with both going first and reducing the chance of being hit.

Use santuary spell to buy some time to buff up and recruit some summoned friends to provide extra targets when you attack.

You can't rely on just magic since some monsters (rakshasas) are highly magic resistance so build up archery and/or melee damage. Archery works better since you can attack without moving and don't have to worry about your opponent filling the area with meatshield summoned creatures.
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For all kinds of strong long-range units, I've found that blessing/hasting yourself before attacking makes the whole difference. Save as often as you can, and when you know you're standing a couple of steps before eyebeasts f.ex., haste yourself and take out the strongest ones at once. Fire is best vs. eyebeasts.
Against the archers, you really should invest in hardiness. Defense only reduces your chance of being hit.
You don't need to get back to the Vahnatai lands to gain experience, btw, there are plenty of good places for that in Avernum. Just don't be hasty.

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1) Buy some dexterity and (when you reach the west end of the Great Cave) gymnastics. The number of hits you take should then go southwards.

2) Fire is an excellent way to take out eyebeasts. Bolt of Fire, Fireblast, and Divine Fire will take them down.

If memory serves, there should be an item or two that will protect you against paralysis, but I can't recall where they are at the moment.

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