How does a first aid kit work?

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AuthorTopic: How does a first aid kit work?
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I'm playing A2 right now, but I still wonder how this first aid kit thing works. Does it simply improve first aid skill without using it directly or whatever?
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First Aid kits aren't needed to perform first aid, but they improve the odds of success greatly. As you use first aid, however, it will slowly use up your First Aid kits. The benefit of First Aid kits, and the better Fine First Aid kits aren't cumulative.

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My suggestion is not to worry about it. First aid is practically useless until A4, wherein the skill recovers health for you after every battle.

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Unless you want to spend lots of skill points in training to avoid damaging yourself, then skip it. It's also limited in how often it can be used per day. It's easier to use spells and/or potions.
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First aid is sort of useful really early on in the first three games, when you have a weakling priest without much mana; other than that however, it is a waste of time.
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I don't bother with First Aid. Since all 4 of my PCs can cast healing, curing, mass healing, and mass curing, I don't really need it.

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Nioca, thanks a lot! This is the very thing I needed to know!
Garrison, I hope I'll check it someday :)
Originally by Randomizer
It's easier to use spells and/or potions.
Here I should agree with Bowlnik. What if you are short of mana and potions, but want a good fight? In this case First Aid will help, I think=)
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I've always found first aid to be pretty much useless. Just carry energy potions-- or even better put the points you'd spend on first aid in alchemy so you can make energy potions.

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