A2 Delrin Boks Fortress levers

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AuthorTopic: A2 Delrin Boks Fortress levers
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Hi, thanks to all of you who have helped before. Cant get these levers to work. Gone outside and rested, and tried 3 times. read another post which said nw left ne right, sw right, se left, but dont get it you cant pull the levers right and left just pull or not. What am I missing here please?
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It's been awhile, so my memory of it is sketchy, but here goes.

Open up your automap. The levers are represented on it and you can see which side they are pulled to. Next look at the map of the tomb. The levers on the map and on the automap need to match exactly before you can get to Delrin-Bok. (At least I think so.)


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A lever can either be like \ or like /

If you are told the NE lever has to be left, use it until it is pointing to the left, i.e "\"

This is what is meant by pulling them to the "left" or "right".

Hope that's clear... :)

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I'm not sure if that's very visible on the automap, so it's a good idea to visit each lever. Some of them need to be pulled and some of them don't. If you leave the crypt all of the levers reset to their original positions.

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You have to be careful with lever resets. I usually have to go back at least twice to check them before I can get past the barriers. It isn't easy to visit them all without going outside.
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I still can't get this to work.
The little map i found in his tomb showed some little symbols in each corner. i assumed that they meant nw left, ne right, sw right, se left.

But then there are a bunch of other symbols beside them that confuse me.

I've set them to the above settings, several times. Even leaving and completing all three game winning quests, then coming back and trying them again, and still nothing. I can't get past the runes that let you into his inner sanctum.

I guess you don't need it to win the game, but it's rather annoying that i can't figure it out.
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I don't know where you got your information, but the levers need to be the exact opposite of what you're saying. NW-right, NE-left, SW-left, SE-right. When you're done, they should be in this pattern:


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Hmmm the wee crystal in the lower part of the tomb, has a little drawing. I guess i interpreted it incorrectly.
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