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AuthorTopic: foley?
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Well, i've been looking at a2 again and i realised i never found a character named foley, who the mayor of formello talks about.
I've never even noticed him in any of the walkthroughs.
Does he exist, or was that mayor just making small talk?

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I never found him in Exile or Avernum 2. I always thought that I missed him when I got to the west part of the game and had better things to do.
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Dikiyoba is pretty sure he exists. You don't meet him until Chapter 4 though, and Dikiyoba doesn't remember exactly which city he's in. There's a special dialogue option when you meet him, though.
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I do not remember meeting him but I will keep an eye open for him in my walkthrough which is only upto the Hydra Lair. It will however take some time because I have a fulltime job and am in the process of moving house. So I do not have a lot of time for games.

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Actually, now that you mention it I have never come across the guy either. I just forgot about it while I played it though. Wierd.
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I met him in Anvernum 2...cant remember where though...then he pops up in Avernum 3 and gets killed in that cave north of New Formello

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