A3 : How do i get in to Erika's tower?

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AuthorTopic: A3 : How do i get in to Erika's tower?
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Ok, im stuck. I have killed the slimes, also I have a reputation of 31 but I still can't get in. Am I missing somthing, or did I need to kill the roaches also?

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I'm not quite sure, but I think you can't get to Erika until much later in the game. I don't exactly know because I cheated and used the Orb of Thralni to get there before the guards would let me in. I did notice that after I met with Prazac, the guards did not try to stop me though.

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Perhaps one can get in after finding the runes in the slime pits and having them identified as Erika's symbol. I'm pretty sure I've gotten into Erika's Tower in the demo. Unfortunately, my memory of the demo is very hazy.

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You have to find the rune, report back to Anaximander and present the evidence to Berra. That opens the path to Erika's tower.

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You can also get the Orb of Thralni and fly around the golems defending the bridge. I did that the first time round, as I never actually found the rune somehow.

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That's because secret passage are elusive, especially when found in the Alien Slime lair.

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After you finish the Slime quest you can get Farsight spell to help map out secret passages. At least you narrow down where to look.
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