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AuthorTopic: simple question
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does jeff bogel really read this forums?he could get a lot of ideas from the same players for his games
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Jeff Vogel does not read these forums much. He could get input, but he doesn't. If you want to force your input upon him, you can e-mail him, and usually he will read it and respond. He does not often take outside ideas, though.

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Shouldn't this topic be moved to the General forum?? or be closed Perhaps???
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I know this is just going to be disregarded as spam and ignored as no-one really cares, but when I read "jeff bogel" I cracked up laughing for ages. Ah, good times.
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I did send him once an email, but the next I got an email back saying I should ask at the forum. Instead of just giving me an answer and THEN directing me to the forum for all my questions, he didn't even care to answer the question. I sugest that when sending an email to jeff, you should have a REALLY good question.

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Originally written by chicho:

does jeff bogel really read this forums?he could get a lot of ideas from the same players for his games
Well, b and v *are* closely related in many languages... :P
And no.

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Originally written by Aranfoolcaytar:

Well, b and v *are* closely related in many languages... :P
They are also incredibly close on the keyvoard.

And yes, that is a joke. Sigh.

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I sent him some fan-mail about 2 years ago stating that I loved what he did and that I wished him all the success the future holds. I got a reply thanking me and telling me that my input was appreciated and that he is glad that we enjoy his games. It's kinda like the letters you get from politician's offices that use the rubber stamper instead of actually signing things, but this was like getting a letter from a DECENT president. :) Stock or no, it's still A LETTER FROM THE PRESIDENT!! :eek:
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well, sorry for dont know how to spell jeff's last name.
and about post this in the general forum is just because i read the avernum forum more often
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