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AuthorTopic: need advice
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which is you alls favorite of the 3 main avernum games...

haven't finished avernum yet but was thinking of getting one of the others because quests seem easier to keep track of in the other demos....which do you guys think is the best one/

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Avernum 2. It has the best plot and the little things like the quest log missing from A1.

—Alorael, who really thinks you'd be better off downloading all three and trying them. A3 definitely has its worshippers even though its damage calculation leaves something to be desired.
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I like Avernum 2 as well. They each have things that make them great. I enjoyed playing all three. A3 was pretty good as well, but I liked playing in the realm of Avernum. A1 was lacking the newer features of 2 and 3, but still is very worth playing.
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In retrospect, I think A2 was the best, but I liked A3 the most at the time.

Lessee... do we have an old one of these threads lying around that I can link to?


No, I can't find one. Was it really so long ago that it got deleted in the last prune? Strange.

Anyway, usually the line goes, if you want to start from the beginning and enjoy the story as it develops, start with A1. If you want to play the one with the best plot and some nice added features, play A2. And if you want the one that is the largest (by far) and has the most stuff in it, at a small sacrifice to the overarching plot, play A3.

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I will say that A2 is less fun if you haven't played A1. Even going through A1's demo gives you enough of a feeling for Avernum to appreciate things like Cotra.

—Alorael, who also likes seeing what happens to the various people of Avernum. Meeting Tor in A2 is more meaningful when you remember him from A1, and the New Cotra of A3 means more when you remember the other Cotras and their inhabitants.
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playing avernum from beginning to end is definately the most satisfying solution. if you only want to spend money for 1 more at the time, maybe a3 is the best choice, because its much, much bigger than the other avernums. its plot is not as good as the one of a2 and it doesnt have that cave-feeling, but its fun enough to produce some maniacs out there no doubt.

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Lacking a quest list, A1 was slightly confusing, but it wasn't that bad either.

A2 probably has the best plot of the trilogy, although abusing spells became necessary since melee attacks just don't cut it later on, in large battles with a singleton.

A3's damage is broken :D Who cares about it not havnig the best plot when you can hit for obscene damage? Teehee.

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I hated A2. You know how much that tower stunk with Cheeseball doin' his business in the corner. The Vahnatai barriers and the invading Empire didn't help much either. :cool:

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Best plot: A2. It all flowed together quite nicely, and the weapons were never made obscenely powerful (nor were they downgraded... *cough* Jade halberd *cough*).

Biggest: A3. Takes a while to finish... though it does have a bit more replay value than A2, and the branching missions can be nice.

I think they're both great. I think I enjoyed A2 more, though... particularly since A3 doesn't let you do anything else after winning.

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A2, same reasons as those listed above. Playing the entire trilogy is satisfying, though, and they all have cool little things. The first one has a very well done subplot with a small town called "For Remote," among many other things. I enjoyed the division of chapter in A2. A3 is the longest, and perhaps if all you want is to explore and kill stuff that's the one to try out (specially if you only want to play one), but I think that it is more emotional if you've played A1 and A2, since in A3 you get to see the surface, and after two whole games inside the caves fighting for that chance you miss something if you just start with A3.

On the other hand, since it's not a bad idea to start with the first game in a series, you could got with A1, and if you like it, continue with the rest.


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I have the registered versions of A1 and A2, and the demo of A3.
I hated A3; the damage just made melee way too overpowering.
A2 definitely had the best story plot of the trilogy, and the Vanhatai (sp, I know...) graphics owned. The chapter thing was nice; it let you feel like you were really making progress.
But I honestly think I enjoyed A1 the best (but A2 was a _very_ close second)... Killing Pyrog, defeating Grah-Hoth... Good times. And when the special event (you know which one!) happened at Fort Remote, it was a complete change to my thinking. (It also inspired me to finish the Grah-Hoth quest as quickly as humanly possible.)
I don't think A2 would have been the same for me without having player A1 first. (Actually, I had played and beaten E2 before I played A1... It made for a very interesting retroactive experience!)
Granted, A1 did lack the quest log. But hey, I normally write things down when I play anyway.

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Honestly, A1 lacked a function for the right click, and if you press both at the same time, you run like you're on crack.


Easiest outdoors experience: A1
Best plot: A2
Best combat: A3

I vote A2 though. (i have the whole trilogy, and it's the only game I haven't beaten yet >.<, I was close though, before I got a new computer and lost the data that is.)
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