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Originally written by Wise Man is quite the:

If this was Civilization, the Empire would crumble from excessive corruption. And then they would revolt to communism :rolleyes:
pish; only if you dotn have the forsight to keep your empire in eithe rmonarchy, and or republic, and make sure nto to igrnor your general infastructure, and make sure to try and have a temple in every city, and wise place for your forbidden palace :P (global empires are my thing in that game ;) )
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But communism = same level of corruption for all cities. And it's not that high.

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Everyone says "this will end in blood".
Maybe that's the game.
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A setting I think would be cool is the colonization of a new continent. You could play a team of trouble shooters sent by the empire to help out.
This scenario gives the opportunity to build things like houses and could have item creation as a more important aspect of the game-play, perhaps as a means of self support.
It could have internal strife because some settlers are from Avernum.

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