The most beaultiful city

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AuthorTopic: The most beaultiful city
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What is the most beaulfull city putting in the ordem A1, A2, A3?
I think Formello, Silvar, Krizsan.
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Formello is a nice city. Almaria is nice too, but I agree with Formello.

I didn't notice anything special that shot Silvar ahead of Formello in A2, but in any case the vahnatai cities are more beautiful if you like that aqua wall, green floor, blue crystal effect. I pick Olgai.

Krizsan is a nice, quiet, undestroyed city, but Lorelei is the nicest when it isn't too demolished. Gale, on the other hand, is truly stunning when seen through a haze of skribbane.

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Tower of Magi. F'sho.

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these threads are my fav. thx for making one. i would myself, but ive done it a couple of times already.

a1: dunno. never played much. fighting system and lack of quest log annoys me terribly.
a2: phew. uhm. almaria, i think. i need water around me.
a3: lorelei. in summer southpoint lighthouse. colchis isnt bad too.

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I'd hav e to say these in this order.
that is about it for me.

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I had to think about this for a while. Going to Fort Spire was utterly breathtaking -- walking out into the middle of the chasm -- but the city itself was not great. I had a certain fondness for Dharmon and Patrick's Tower, and the Castle was nice, but I think Formello was the most beautiful. That water running through the middle of it really does it for me.

Arriving in Avit was a visually memorable experience. (Vahnatai look cool in 3D!) The Empire Archives -- ice floor -- was also visually memorable. Not sure about human lands in A2 -- maybe Dharmon or Formello again.

Lorelei was by far my favorite city in A3, but I think the most beautiful was... er... I don't remember them well enough. Fort Emergence was kind of nice.

Yeah, and that's far more detail in an answer to your question than you probably wanted to know. :P

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imo detailed answeres are much nicer than just uncommented lists. so if anybody thinks different, dont worry. im on your side.
come to think of it, solbergs tower in a2 is kinda nice.
id love to live in hss-kss old fortress though. havent seen it in a1 so far, but in a2 its great. (that empire general something has his base there. its in the middle of the southern part of the great lake between fort dranlon and fort emerald. two stories, hidden on a small island. some mushroom fields. an extrernal barrack. great tactical outpost for attacking the castle. sea-view from every window.)

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Gotta love Lorelei, I spent a great deal of time there throughout the game. While I don't like all the crowding I love all the shops and of course Hawke's Mansion. It is hard to smuggle all my skribbane in there though...

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i usually take the ferry from port townsend to farport (i think it is) and then go to the portal guy and teleport into lorelei. no guards in the portal world so far.

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