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AuthorTopic: switch between apps
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Is there any way to play G2 in alternation with other apps, or must you quit out of G2 to go to another?
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No there isn't. I have a program called The Cheat. It aters values in the files of a game. I want to use it but I can't. :mad: :(

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Well I just press either alt+tab or the werid windows button+d. Well thats how I do it might be different for you but, just thought I would say something about it.

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If you're on a Mac, try Command-H to hide GF2.

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Eight-button mice are lubberly for that stuff.
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Thanks for all the ideas. But... none of them work (I am on Mac).

Any other suggestions?
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You can switch applications on a mac if you pause geneforge or geneforge 2 by pressing escape. Well, at least on Mac OS 9, but it should work on Mac OS 10.

EDIT: To be a bit more specific, when gf or gf2 is paused on mac os 9 the little toolbar at the top of the screen is visible, so you can just go back to Finder and greneforge will automatically hide itself.

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If what Thuryl suggested doesn't work, just save and quit. That's what I do. I don't know about your computer, but on mine, starting up again takes very little time.

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