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AuthorTopic: Archery
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I am not sure if this has been asked already but are archers still semi-important in BoA. Do they do more damage or is it cut down like I heard the magic was.
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I find archery to still be a very neccessary skill to use. The damage is decent, especialy with a couple points in Sharpshooter. I usually train my warriors with a little of this skill initially, eventually turning one into a full on archer.

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Archery equipment still has an odd weight. One of my PCs has been strolling around with something like 350 missiles stowed about his person -- try that without needing a tetanus booster -- as well as both a crossbow and a longbow. Plus, add an archer NPC to your party, and you'll never need to buy another arrow for your PCs (though I think JV has said he will rejigger the survivability of missiles).

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Definitely grab at least a little bit of archery even if you don't want a whole lot. In later scenarios you begin to run into magic-resistant spellcasters, and short of an exceptionally powerful Cloud of Blades, arrows are the best way to take these enemies out without first carving through their army of melee friends while being blasted with spells.
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Archery is a very useful skill in any of those games. You can pick off those really tough monsters before they reach you. Or severely weaken monsters before they reach your fighters. Plus those casters can be a pain in the ass sometimes, and archery takes them out fast. I tend to like to let weak monsters miss my fighters, while the strong one hides behind them. Then while my fighters are waiting, and taking little damage, my Archer kills the strong one.
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I've got an Archer and a Rogue. The Archer normally deals about 40 - 50 pts of damage per hit, and it seems every other round he gets to shots instead of one.

My Rogue has skills split between Assasination, Tool Use, and Bows. She will deal 30 - 45 pts. of damage per round.

This means my fighter ambles into combat soaking up hits and every now and then takes a bad guy down. With this set up I use my two archers, well behind my fighter, to rain death down upon the bad guys. My Mage/Priest casts damage spells - and my fighter mops the rest up.

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I wouldn't bother with it. I'd instead pump the points into melee skills and priest spells. War Blessing L3 in combination with dealing more damage will get you better results.

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I wouldn't agree Drakefyre. I had many occasions where Archery skills really saved the day :) especially when evil priest or magician couldn't be reached quickly for melee...

By the there anything better than Morogs Scepter? ;)

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Now that magic has been weakened, archery is very good. I play with two archers and a fighter/archer, all Fast on Feet. They can take out almost any enemy before it can act, and a group of enemies in two or three rounds. Hand-to-hand does more damage, but only once you get to the enemy, who may have already casted horrific spells on you. Archery is not blocked by armor, though, and works better with Fast on Feet. Then I have a Sluggish mage in the back to clean up large groups of enemies quicker. Much of the time he doesn't do anything because the archers have killed all the enemies first, though that is becoming less true with the swarms of ogres in A Small Rebellion.

Morog's Scepter is definitely the best for anyone who doesn't specialize in Bows of Thrown Missiles. However, my medium-level archers already do more damage than a high-level mage using the Scepter.

On the subject of archery equipment, it is almost as good as greatswords/halberds because both the bow and the arrows/bolts can have bonuses. So Blessed Crossbow and Blessed Bolts does 8-48 + 1-6 for each level of Bows and Sharpshooter, and every two levels of Dexterity (an archery bonus introduced in BoA).

Of course, a Slith with a blessed halberd, Strength, Pole weapons, Assassination, Blademaster, and maybe Anatomy and Lethal Blow will still be twice as deadly once he gets into the fight.

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