Let's all drool all over ourselves...

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AuthorTopic: Let's all drool all over ourselves...
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So cool.

This is the topic where we can all freak out and be happy that BoA was finally released. As of today, 3/18/04, a new era in the Blades community and probably in the whole Spiderweb community begins.

I am SOOOOO way excited it's not even funny.


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I am currently drooling mindlessly at a faster rate than I am downloading.

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Oh Im drooling alright...but I dont ahve a Mac...I gotta wait till summer for the demo :(
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I'm too jealous to drool at the moment. Until summer, I guess I'll have to live vicariously through the Mac folk.
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Did anyone come out for a virtual Mac, you know, for PC users?

Guess why I want it...

Austrian Alex
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Dude, new screenshots! And new skills!

*sighs* Only a few more months... Just gotta last a few more months... *twitches*

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Y'know, I downloaded the mac version on my PC, just to make sure XP didn't have some hidden "run BoA for mac on this machine" feature. Unfortunately, logic won out, and the file doesn't work.

I hope to beta test! Anyone of you insiders know when the betatest forms are coming out?

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I just looked at the screenshots. Pretty, pretty screenshots.

I mean, um, cool screenshots.
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I was wondering this morning why the Blades of Avernum board was suddenly moved to the top of the list as well as split into one for the game and the other for the editor...

Strange that I learned of the release here rather than seeing the announcment in the announcement's forum... maybe Jeff outta get on that, no?

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awesome :) I can't wait until the windows version comes out aswell.
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And YAHOOO! By the way!

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|-|u22@|-|!!!! Unfortunatly, my Mac doesn't have the internet, so I need to get the CD :(

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Did someone say NEW SKILLS!?!? Whoa!

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