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AuthorTopic: Question about Lyceum message boards
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It's been down for at least three days. Has it moved again or is ezboard just having problems?

If it's not going to be reliable anymore I'd like to move reviews right to my site but I have to find the reviews to transfer them over.

Thoughts, concerns, reassurances, advice... anything?

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Um... it seems to be back. And everything seems to be gone.

EDIT: The address is different now, too.

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I think this may have dealt the death blow for the Lyceum. Not even the archives were spared from this attack.

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Who actually runs the Lyceum? Terrors Martyr? Who runs it and what do they have to say about it? Is there any chance that it was just the moderator maintaining the site or was it definitely an attack? Emphatically everything is missing.

If it was an attack, why were the profiles not destroyed too? Mine seems quite ok.

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It's Al's site, but Bain runs it. Hope he had everything backed up, it'd be a shame to lose all the reviews.... again.


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I still can't say whether it was an attack or not, but mercifully everything seems to be okay once again.
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Now might be the time to start backing it up, at any rate.

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Everything seems to be back except for the Community Corner, which has only one thread. Odd.

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