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AuthorTopic: Couple questions
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Does anybody remember the names of the other continents in the empire besides valorium? I'm writing up a script for a scenario and i was just wonderin. . . . not sure they were ever named.

Also is there a way to take away all the itmes from a party, and then return them? What i was thinking was a that the party would be imprisoned and stripped of all their possesions, then have to break out and be given back the items.

And one last thing . . . i never played BoE . . . and someone please explain something to me, if a party plays in one scenario and gets skill pts and items, do those points and items continue on to other scenarios the party plays? Or does the party start over with each scenario?

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1. Valorim, Aizo, Pralgrad, Vantanas, in order of size. Pralgrad, Aizo, Vantanas, Valorim, in order of importance. Capital on Pralgrad, old capital on Aizo, Vantanas is inhospitable, Valorim we know.

If you're going to try to make a scenario involving all four continents, I suggest you scrap the idea and work on something smaller. Trust me on this one.

2. There was a way to get rid of items in BoE, but I don't know if there is in BoA. Given that I recall it happening at least in Nethergate, I think so.

3. They keep the items, although items with special significance (e.g. in-scenario flags or nodes^w scripts attached to them) will probably lose such significance, and I'm pretty sure items with custom graphics will still be lost from scenario to scenario. And yes, the party keeps all skills and level and experience and so on.

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lol . . . i wasn't planning on a four continent quest, i couldn't possibly do it justice. I just needed their names.

I'm not sure i like the way the party can jump between scenarios. It doesn't make much sense in some contexts, and i'm planning on using quite a few custom items.

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You can strip a party of items. It's actually quite easy using a while loop.

All items with custom graphics will be removed, items with special classes have the classes set to 0, and items that call scripts lose that functionality.

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So that's been confirmed? It's a shame he wasn't able to find a way to keep custom graphic items.

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You mean, he didn't bother creating/finding a way to do that?

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Luckily, we will be able to carry bashing weapons from scenario to scenario, because the graphics were included, as Drakey told me. Yay!

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Bashing weapons behave as melee weapons, so there is little difference other than cosmetic.

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Regarding carrying over experiance, you could always create a party that meets your expectations or requirements for the scenario and then package it with the actual scenario. Didn't Terrors Martyr do that for Echoes: Assault, or am I just getting all turned around?

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you mean make a party and include in the scenario package?

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Correct. It's been done in a large number of scenarios. Echoes: Assault, The Election, Zankozzie's Big Mistake, Emulations, Chains, Heirs to Theseus, and many others.

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