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I was reading the BoA docs, and I discovered something. I didn't know exactly what all the priest spells did. Also, the docs were vague on a couple...

Move Mountains says that as you gain skill with this spell you affect different terrain types.


Also, Radiant Shield says that above level two it provides more beneficial effects, but it doesn't say what. Does it cap out at three? Or are the benefits improving past level three?

Does Divine Restoration provide extra health at level two or three? Does boosting it past level 3 have any benefit?

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Radiant Shield: Level 1 provides magic resistance, Level 2 provides... well, I can't remember, but it's worth it to upgrade Radiant Shield to at least L3. Many scenarios are just short of requiring it just to survive.

Divine Restoration simply provides more healing at higher levels. However, the higher you increase your skill with this spell, the further over your max health you get. However, Enduring Barrier usually works better for just increasing health past maximum.

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Move Mountains L1 destroys rocks. L2 destroys cracked walls. I think L3 destroys those dirty walls, but I'm not totally sure if I'm remembering that from some other Avernum.

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*pokes at scripts*

Looks like cracked walls are level 1, some boulders are level 2, and one boulder is level 3. So different from the trilogy (or at least A2, which is the only one Dikiyoba is really familiar with).

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I don't remember the BoA version, but A3 had different types of boulders that would be affected by each level. So you could get past harder obstacles.
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Originally written by Nioca:

Radiant Shield: Level 1 provides magic resistance, Level 2 provides... well, I can't remember, but it's worth it to upgrade Radiant Shield to at least L3.
L2 provides shielding and L3 provides elemental resistance.

A few spells produce qualitatively different effects even after L3. These include War Blessing (magic resistance at L4), and Summon Shade/Divine Host (summons new kinds of shade up to L5, then starts summoning things other than shades at higher levels.)

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