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AuthorTopic: Keeping friends
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Is it possible in a scenario to heal or revive a dead NPC that joined a party?

I mean, that it'd have a coded death and then when they died, a flag would like flip to one and when that flag was one, at a healer you'd have an option available in the terms of: "Could you please revive my friend?" And then the NPC would be revived and would automatically rejoin your party and the said flag would drop back to one.

Would something like that be possible?

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There should be a way to do it since Jeff does it all the time in Geneforge 3 with Alwan and Greta. The flag would reset the NPC information to a set of desired values and cause the image to reappear.
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It would be possible; I would go about doing it pretty much the way you just outlined. Doesn't Bahs do something like this? When Phaedra dies you can bring her body back and heal her I. It's been a while, and I don't really feel like checking, but I'm fairly sure that's how it worked.

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In Bahssikava, if Phaedra died in the lost city, you could revive her by bringing her back to Legare. However, if she died in Mount Galthrax, that was it for the rest of the scenario. (She was revived in the ending cutscene, but you can't have her in your party for the rest of the playable scenario.)

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*does a quick check* Yes, as I thought, this was done by having two separate creatures with different IDs, both of which were Phaedra. The second one was hidden, and the first one was immediately visible. If the first one joined your party and died, you went back to the camp and did a quick process, which made the second character visible, so that she could join your party.

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