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AuthorTopic: BoA Status Report!
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Geneforge 2 is finally out. Phew. At last I can really start to focus on Blades of Avernum.

Right now, I'm working on the ability to have character which join and travel with the party. There will be two joining slots. The 2 characters can have scripts attached to them, so you can really customize their behavior. (They can have a pet puppy that runs away from any monsters, for example.)

Of course, these bonus characters can't be carried from scenario to scenario.

And, of course, you can have special encounters which trigger depnding on who you have with you.

However, they will not act like full PCs. You can't tinker with their inventories, and you can't control them. They act according to the AI in their script. They won't gain levels.

As for overall progress, I hope to have a limited beta for a few experienced scenario designers starting in the next 2-3 months. I would really like designer feedback early enough in the process to do something about it.

The game itself will hopefully be out for Mac around January and Windows 2-3 months after that.

That is all for now.

- Jeff Vogel
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Great news. I love the idea of the NPCs being partied up with you. I would have done them the same way.

And it's just too bad that practically no one ever played any of my BOE scenarios, so I can't be considered an "experienced designer", even though I am. Damn this social structure!

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Having a Mac is also a requirement for this early testing, and Brett, *i, TM, and myself all fit that, so you should see a vastly better BoA 1.0 than BoE 1.0.

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Alcritas does also, but I'm not sure he'll be completely co-operative.

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I'm rubbing my hands together and cackling like the maniac I am!

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And I'm jealous to all you mac-owners.

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That's really not all that much different than what could be done in BoE, but oh well. I'm probably not going to be using many joinable NPCs anyway.
By the way, are you going to include the bashin weapon graphics and the halberd graphic? If you need the "Lying on the floor" graphics, I'll make them for free. I just really want them in there so they can be carried between scenarios. Bashing weapons would qualify as melee, I guess.

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Alcritas has a Mac? I was unaware.

Anyway, this is very good news indeed. It is true the NPC options are doable in BoE, with great difficulty. But you seriously do not get nearly as much control as a designer would like. So this is definitely an improvement either way.

I look forward to be able to use this product.

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Thanks for giving us a bone!

Appreciate the update :)
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Ironically enough, I have a Mac. That's what I used for BOE back in the day (whenever 'the day' was), but now it's out-dated and not hooked up to the internet, so it makes my quest to help out useless. ::sigh:: Oh well... perhaps I can beta-test the Windows port? (Read: Joke)

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That about the PCs sounds nice, it's similar to the creations in Geneforge a bit, right? It's a bit meager, but we have to make do with what we get, eh? :P

Beta-testing - well, since I don't have a mac anyways (and I'm not about to buy one either! :P ) it doesn't matter that I'm unexperienced and can't get the job. So there. ;)

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It's quite unlike creating creations in Geneforge. For one, the player has absolutely no control over the NPC that joins your party. It never gains experience and you don't create it. If I understand this correctly, the designer can even control the spells/skills that said NPC will be able to use.
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Of course, it *is* like the NPCs in GF. (Namely, Abandoned Thahd, Zora, Friendly Rat, and that servile mage in the Awakened complex.)

Personally? I like what I'm hearing. Testing the editor should be interesting.

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