Can i have the scenario editor?

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AuthorTopic: Can i have the scenario editor?
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i f you have the read the '"cant download BOA scenario editor" in the tech support by me, then you will know that no matter what I do the editor downloadpage will not open!!! Can someone either set up the download on a different page (there must be a way), send me the editor it via email or sommat, or something else, thank you very much in advance!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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The editor downloads just fine. There must be something wrong with your internet connection.

Apparently still annoying.
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Try just using this link:

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If it still doesn't work, I can always email the editor to you. You just need to have an email service that supports file sizes more than 4 megs.

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or maybe you dont have a mac *_*? That would be a good reason.
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Well, he asked for the editor so he probably has the game already. Also, he said that the download page itself would not open, and so his browser might not have been able to use FTP properly.
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