Let's Port Bandits~

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AuthorTopic: Let's Port Bandits~
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Thought experiment. I want to see if organized efforts to port scenarios are even possible.

I have a good deal of B's terrains converted (with extra graphics too). I can do the rest with little-to-no problems. If someone wants to help me with nodes and maybe offer up some scripts (although this is not necessary), just post. I want to see how many manhours are required for a project like this.

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Tentative offer, since I've practically done it once before. I can't really commit either way until Wednesday or so, though.
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Well, I'll have to actually play it first...

And, after I'd done my scenario, I was thinking of porting Emulations. With Stareye's permission, of course.

How easy/hard/worthwile would this be?

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Worthwhile? Very.

Easy? Not at all.

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So, is anyone interested?

Going back to, um, the original topic?

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I would normally be very interested but as I'm already working on a scenario and I can't stand the idea of having to start coding again for a few weeks, I'm sorry. maybe ina year I will have the guts to help. (That is, if I didn't start on my nect scenario).

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Bandits...a great scenario that was, though it can't compare to it's successor. I'd be willing to do some of the node scripting, I need something to occupy myself.

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I've got terraining done for the most part. Considering that we've all (hopefully) played the scenario first, we can get started on scripting...

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