A cool, random, and totally pointless idea (will it work?)

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AuthorTopic: A cool, random, and totally pointless idea (will it work?)
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I just thought, how about having different modes of transport. Like, instead of horses you could have bikes (with their own graphic and everything). If you could do that kind of thing it would be cool.
Also, would you be able to check to see if the party are riding them and/or stop them from getting off? If so, you could extend it to say, for instance, snowboards, and the party can't take them off until they're at the bottom, and must have them on to go down. Now that would be cool!
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First part could technically be done, but it would probably require editing default graphics - Not generally a good idea.
As for the second part - Maybe, maybe not. I wouldn't count on it happening.
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Jeff is definitely not going to create extra modes of transportation, especially because of the PC graphic nightmares it would cause. Editing graphics should work in most cases. And if you want it impossible to leave the vehicle in certain locations, use a boat.

—Alorael, who doesn't think there's much difference between a snowboard and a magical snowboat. Okay, there's plenty of difference, but it should be good enough for most BoA scenarios.
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I would expect checking for whether they are on horseback should work, especially considering it exists in A3.

Besides - for the snowboard thing - why even bother with giving them transport. Just say the party is on a snowboard and then just don't lert them go upwards (of course, in BoE, when moving platforms existed, this can be done better)

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Hm. you just reminded me of another idea-

Horseback fighting.

Imagine, shooting people off your horse, or having it rear up and clobber someone. Now THAT would be cool. :cool:
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This is still Avernum...

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