Beta-Call for Backwater Calls

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AuthorTopic: Beta-Call for Backwater Calls
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Excellent adventure overall.

Wasting your time and mine looking for a good laugh.

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Name: Genoforge
E-mail address:
Operating system (PC or Mac): MacOS v10.2.8
What kind of party you plan on using: HLPM-generated, level 30

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Report sent. One minor bug fix needed Then you should be able to release it.

Excellent work
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I'm going through this thing still.

I'll try to devote some time this weekend to beating it.

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Well, I haven't found any problems since the new version. Once again, good scenario!

P.S. sorry, not sure if you wanted this in e-mail form.

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i finished it, good scenario, i have send you my report
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For awhile I was not able to work on the scenario because of computer trouble but now tha it is up and running I should be able to finish the senario.

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Finished and sent the report/review. Great scen.
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Name: zerogrrl
E-mail address:
Beta-testing experience (none required):
Operating system:windows xp
What kind of party you intend to use: I have my lvl34 party i beat canopy with or a lvl40 hlpm

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Are you still accepting beta testers? If so

Name: Ricey
E-mail address:
Operating system (PC or Mac): Win XP
What kind of party you plan on using(the one you used to beat DWtD or Canopy etc.): around lvl 37-42. Did Canopy and didnt have too much problem with it that I could remember.

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