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AuthorTopic: Castle Ethilo
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I've heard of this level, but I can't find it anywhere. Can someone help me? Thanks.

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Where did you hear of it? Because I haven't heard of it. Maybe it's one of the secret levels...
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There are things that are unknown even to me; this just happens to be one of them.

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You'll have to see if you can get in touch with The Lurker. He's the only one Dikiyoba has seen mention it.
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It's not a level, it's a hidden adventure text game. It may only be playable in the shareware version, but I wouldn't know.

HINT : To find it, select the blank spot in the options (or something like that) menu with the up and down arrows of your keyboard, then press enter.

EDIT : All right, it's in the 'configuration' menu. The blank spot is below 'Done', and can only be selected wth the down arrow of your keyboard.
Note that I never managed to finish Castle Ethilo - I solved a few puzzles, but there seemed to be all kinds of problems/bugs, such as not being able to get out of the castle once you enter it. As far as I know, it could even be unfinishable, but I'm not very good at this kind of game.

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It's an easter egg, but it works only in SubTerra 1.0, not in 2.0 and later (specifically, I had rewritten the kernel from scratch, and I never bothered putting this routine back in). However, the game and its interpreter can be found on my website ( under utilities.

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While you're at it, Radiant, a few suggestions for the CrystalShard site:

1) Where'd the original Subterra link go? Now it just says Subterra Two and your other games... I think they should be seperated.

2) You should have a seperate Hall Of Fame for Subterra Two. I can't imagine how confusing it would be if you had them both on one page.

And just a few questions/comments:

1) W..Warthogs? That had me laughing for quite a bit. Now, what was the date that you released it to the public? Just curious.

2) You made the game A-Maze-ing? I came across that game a few years ago (unless I'm terribly mistaking this for another game named A-Maze-ing) and I absolutely loved it. Great work.

Keep posting,

EDIT: So it happens that I was wrong and I was mistaking it for another game... I just downloaded Amazeing and it still is a pretty good game.

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