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AuthorTopic: Don't ask me why
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Originally posted by Alorael:
June 20, 1949. I believe that makes me the oldest, or at least somewhere high on the list. And in case you missed it the first few times, I live in Alaska.

—Alorael, who believes this birthday makes him a Gemini and one day away from being a Cancer. Other than that, he has no idea what he is.7

Hey. you are 17 days younger than my mum ist :D

I am cancer. And though I do not believe in horoscopes at all, I am a typically cancer.
I´m too much a scientist to believe in astrology :D

And for all those who like numbers: I gained my funny birthday from my Grandfathers, the oldest born 06.12.06 (US: 12/06/06), the younger one born 12.03.12 (US: 03/12/12).
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I'm a 40 year old Sagittarian, born in the year of the Tiger.

If you're collecting this data to correlate our online personalities with our star signs, then the sun sign isn't going to help much. You'd need the time of birth and location of birth to calculate full charts.

Relevant data would include
- the location (sign & house) of Mercury, planet of communication.
- the rising sign and the planets in the first house (the first house being the house that relates to our own perceptions of ourselves)
- any important aspects involving Mercury and/or the first house

DISCLAIMER: I used to enjoy drawing up astrological charts before I had a computer, but never really got into the analysis side of it. I no longer believe that astrology works - I've met too many people who don't match their birth charts.

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Then there's the Ophicus question, a 13th traditional constellation not featured on astrological charts. ;)
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Most things that supposedly come in groups of 12 don't. For example, depending who you believe, there could be 14 or 15 different tribes of Israel.

The only exception to this is the dozen. When I get charged excessive prices at the bakery it's because they're run by a chain, not because they mix up 12 and 13.

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I have a computer program which does all the calculations for me. Fun.
I know that I really need the birth times to match up so-and-so's online personality with their birth chart, but I find the sun signs hilarious to look at. I don't really believe people's charts match up with their personalities, but it is amusing to open up the charts and try to explain away x's personality trait. Pseudo analyses are the height of entertainment for me. I should have been a psychologist.

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well well well aren't we resilient

Oh the fun

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Nice disclaimer, Kyna. Unfortunately it seems to have been ignored.

EDIT: Never mind, I misread Nye's post.

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