death, or something like it.


AuthorTopic: death, or something like it.
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I don't know really. Maybe strapped to George Bush and a large bomb, or an E-OD. For my PC, of course....
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Despite the fact that I found Wychwenthal's comment funny, I must ask him and Feran to not defile the minds of the poor, innocent little children.
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As if I cared.

Now kiddies, think a big burly man, like Alec, couple him with curly hair, a head that looks like a schlong and...

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I'd put a sack over my head and then stiffle.
It's absolutely painless.
You feel kinda tipsy after a while and fall asleep. (because there's no more O2 in the air, only CO2)

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Me: first my legs would be cut off with a chainsaw, then someone would kick my stomach until I spit blood, and the girl of my dreams would then end this god damn misery someone might call life. She would do it with scissors, of course.

Character: Get eaten by the GIFTS.

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IT's better to burn out than fade away.

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I think ecstacy-inducing drugs that, after a time, cause you fall alseep and then burst in flame. That way you go out with a bang, don't feel a thing, and enjoy the trip.

Character: When the housekeeper of Hawke's Manse dies and you turn into pigeons.

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Hey! one and sa half votes for 'm' death, almost up with the sniper now I should say E's illegal, but then sniping generally is too....
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Whilst trying to assassinate/suicide bombing/doing generally fatal things to Bush (i.e. killing him in some way). The perfect excuse would be to be an Al-qaeda or Iraqi terrorist but unfortunately I am neither of these.

I'd like my characters to die slow, painful deaths. Maybe a monster that gives poison AND slowness to them. Or Dark Wyrms from A3 (not the comparatively-wimpish E3 kind)

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I'm sure if you begin to move in the right circles, you could get involved with Al-Qaeda. The difficult bit is finding the right circles and proving you're fanatically dedicated enough.

I'm not in the least bit certain how I'd want to go. I can see great advantages in either a mildly prolonged but relatively painless death, or something that kills me before I realise what has happened. Again, I'd like to go doing something I believe in, but at the same time I'm aware that means a violent death, and self-preservation is a very strong instinct.
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The circumcission might prove off-putting!

Hey, this reminds me of this story. When Thatcher (generally no judged a nice person, even by her supporters) was running UK, this guy was nicked rushing into Parliament armed with two butcher knives. Asked "If you had reahced the prime minister, would you have stabbd her?", the frustrated assassin responded: "Well, anyone would". Nowadays, politiians prefer opinion polls to rate their popularity. :D
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