The Flawless Proof

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AuthorTopic: The Flawless Proof
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I think La Canaliste is not an impartial judge on the subject. On the other hand, I'll concede that that statement has not been adequately proven.

—Alorael, who thinks everyone is going about this wrong. Saunders isn't the root of all evil, she is the definition of evil. You can't prove a definition!
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Unfortunately I must admit that my proof is flawed.

Lim (n->infinity) (Money)^1/n =1

Because Money is a finite quantity, no matter what Bill Gates seems to think.

Since Saunders isn't member #1 I can't call her evil. However, Spidweb is #1, I wonder what this means...

Also here is the definition of evil. I hope this doesn't get me banned. :rolleyes:

Evil: 1. a) morally bad or wrong; wicked; depraved b) resulting from or based on conduct regarded as immoral 2. causing pain or trouble; harmful; injurious 3. offensive or disgusting 4. threatening or bringing misfortune; unlucky; disastrous; unfortunate.

Note: Those are only the adjective definitions.

This information came from Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language: Second College Edition.

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Hm... as for my mother, we don't need a shrink... but seriously, when someone says the same pointless thing over and over and over each day, it gets pretty annoying.

As for the proof thing, I realized right afterwards that that made no sense whatsoever, but I don't feel like editing it. Oh well.

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Head.....hurting.....must stop.....reading topic.....! yay!

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How can FB like this?!

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You missed the "h" in the link. Here's the right link


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I haven't seen that since a long while ago. Why does it still exist? :(

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Better version of what I think Lt Sullust was trying to say:

First, everyone knows that women take up time and money:
And that Time is money:
And since money is the root of all evil,
simplifying to:
(I used a little squiggle to represent square root. It used to be a tick but that came up as a ?)

I'd just like to stress that I hold nothing personally against either women or Saunders. I got that proof from a friend.

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