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AuthorTopic: Karma
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Do you think karma matters?

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Technically no, but it did make me mad when my karma went down to two... so... yeah, to avoid being hypocritical I said yes.

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I don't know yet for sur, but from what I've heardr, it doesn't.
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I don't think it matters.

I don't like being unable to edit karma ratings I've given, and this makes me very reluctant to give ratings.

As an example, there's someone I thought was a total idiot and was itching to rate with a 1, but I didn't. A few weeks later I realised that person wasn't a total idiot, and was glad I hadn't given them a permanent downgrading of their karma based on a negative first impression.

The only rating I give is a 5, and people really have to earn it before I'll give it. I believe that way I probably won't change my mind and later regret the karma rating I gave them.

I figure that if I'm not rating many people and am keeping my opinions to myself, then a lot of other people are probably doing the same. I believe karma isn't a valid reflection of the opinion of the Spiderweb community. It's the opinion of a few people that you've either really irritated or really impressed.

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Yes, being able to change your ratings of others would be nice. That way, you could change your rating from good to bad or bad to good, anytime(my opinions of people fluctuate all the time).

On a side note, who has the most votes? I have 23, which I'm assuming isn't a whole lot.

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I leave my karma off and only rate others when they ask to be rated. Or when I am in on a conspiracy.
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What people actually say on the boards is a finer instrument than karma, but if someone is particularly helpful, amusing or likeable (or not), then karma is an indicator of sorts. Why I have **** then, I really don't know.
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I most likely have the most votes. I believe I've been at the effective maximum whenever there was one.

This has been asked and answered. No one who's been here longer than two weeks considers karma anything important.
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Alec, I beat you in number of karma votes by almost 50%. Yes, I'm special!

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Karma defenintly does not matter. I mean, yeah, it's kind of fun to judge other people once in a while. But other than that, it's just not worth one's time (especially when you've got internet connection of 56k!).

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I have 110 votes, compared to 153 for Alorael and 102 for Alec. Hoorj. And karma doesn't really matter at all.

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Drakey, I think I gave you a one. I don't remember why. Hmmm. That's funny.

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I don't think it matters much… I don't look at how many karma I have.

But I must know the reason. My karma always goes lower and lower, while I don't flame, spam or anything. (not that I notice)

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I have 36, I think... not that many, but oh well. It's more than most, I think.

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